Friday, October 5, 2012

Protect Working Families (Proposal 2)


Collective Bargaining: A Voice for Fair Wages and Benefits

Protects Working Families: Collective bargaining keeps us safe and gives workers a voice to negotiate for fair wages, benefits and pensions.

Levels the Playing Field for All Workers: Corporate CEOs are making millions in salary and bonuses, yet the people who actually do the work have seen their wages and benefits cut.
Workers need protections from corporations that arbitrarily cut wages, benefits, and pensions, and ship jobs overseas, just to squeeze out more profits.

Why Your Support Makes a Difference:  Lansing politicians are rolling back current laws that protect wages, hours, and safe working conditions.

Keep Us Safe: Collective bargaining gives firefighters, police officers, and nurses a voice to ensure there is adequate staffing to keep our communities safe.
Firefighters and police officers are able to negotiate for training and the life-saving equipment they need to protect us.

Improves Education for Kids: Education improves when teachers have a voice to negotiate on behalf of students and are protected from arbitrary behavior by Lansing politicians.
Teachers are able to keep class sizes small and improve achievements by providing more personal attention to students.

Collective bargaining ensures that teachers receive training and instruction materials that help children learn while keeping them safe in the classroom.

Saved Michigan Jobs: Collective bargaining helped save Michigan’s auto industry because employers and employees negotiated to lower costs for manufacturers, while also ensuring that Michigan factories stayed open and jobs were brought back from overseas.
Powerful corporate special interests have pledged to do whatever it takes to win and will spend millions of dollars to defeat the proposal.

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