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Look for a reminder in your mailbox, 10/28 - 11/2.

Campus Equity Week (CEW) is a week of education and activism
to shine a spotlight on our increasingly stratified higher education system:
At the core of the inequities that pervade higher education is the crisis of contingent faculty employment.
Campus Equity Week was devised by faculty activists in 2001 in order to 
highlight the appalling working conditions of the majority of the faculty the 
impact of those working conditions on the quality of education
Quality education depends practically and ethically on 
professional and just working conditions for all faculty.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OPERATION BOOKMARK: A roaring success

Jarek Marsh-Prelesnik informs another student with a bookmark.

Caroline Hains handed out 100s.

Co-Pres Catherine Barnard, event organizer, with member Caroline Hains at the Tower entrance.

Catherine and Caroline distributed over 500 bookmarks in an hour.

Co-President Kelly O'Leary and organizer Marie Rogers made serious business an enjoyable task.

Only a few $10 union t-shirts remain.  Hurry and get yours.

Jackie Neil, WPE Rep, distributed bookmarks at the Flag entrance.

Even the Public Safety officers showed the love!

Which person hasn't had a pay increase in three years? Jean Snow knows.

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John Saillant ran through a pile of bookmarks.

Students now know, thanks to John Saillant's efforts, that part-time faculty are in the majority.

Kevin Wordelman replenishes Jackie Neil's and Karen Bennett's supply of bookmarks.

Karen Bennett stands in the shadow of the Flag entrance where hundreds received bookmarks from her.

KVCCFT PRIDE: Marie Rogers and Jean Snow, two of our greatest promoters, both were full-time faculty for over 35 years.

Monday, October 21, 2013

We got a jump on Campus Equity Week!

The KVCCFT will be greeting visitors, students, staff and faculty at the doors of the TTC and AWH Campuses on Tuesday, Oct. 22, with bookmarks that raise awareness of part-time faculty's tenuous position at the college, despite making up 77% of its total faculty.

Read WHY we need to raise awareness.   . . . and now, you know.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


We are pleased to announce the West Michigan Federation of College Educators Community Outreach grant.  In a joint effort among the Teaching Assistants Union (WMU), Professional Instructors Organization (WMU), and the Kalamazoo Valley Community College Federation of Teachers (KVCC), the Community Outreach Grant is designed to offer both monetary support and access to our service-minded membership.   ANY UNION MEMBER of TAU, PIO, or KVCCFT (WMFCE) is eligible to nominate a charitable organization.

NOMINATIONS ARE DUE BY October 31, 2013. 

Below is a brief outline of the program’s goals, award amount, nomination criteria, and timeline.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact

To nominate an organization, please complete the fillable PDF form available HERE. If using the PDF form, first download it to your computer.  From there you can fill it out and "save as" your file name.

Send your completed application to

Summary of Program
In an effort to expand the philanthropic endeavors of the West Michigan Federation of College Educators, and its member unions, the WMFCE Community Outreach Grant is a one-year commitment to a Kalamazoo based charitable organization.  The mission of the program is to:
  • Provide financial support to a member nominated charitable organization
  • Offer the selected organization access to our members for volunteer opportunities
  • Provide information to our membership regarding the charity’s specific goals and programs
  • Commit to a minimum of one charity event that aligns with the organization’s current charitable programs
  • Expand WMFCE’s community relationships with a focus on those outside the sphere of current relationships 
Award Amount
  • A one-time $1000 grant that may be used for any organizational expenses or programs that meet the nomination criteria.  WMFCE reserves the right to direct that grant money be spent on specific programs or costs.
  • The ability to create a relationship with our members, including action calls for volunteers, information dissemination, and other communications.
  • At least one collaborated event coordinated by WMFCE.  Subsequent events may be created at the discretion of each union’s executive committee.
Selection of Organization
An organization can only be nominated from a current, active WMFCE member.  The nominating member must complete the basic grant application after approval from the nominated organization.  The Outreach Committee will review applications and select three for consideration.  The final vote will take place at the end of the year Holiday party/membership meeting of WMFCE in December.  The winning organization will be notified before the end of the year.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What should the KVCCFT do for Campus Equity Week, October 28-November 2?

Campuses around the nation are joining together to highlight the plight of part-time faculty. Let the KVCCFT know in what actions you would be willing to participate during Campus Equity Week

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