Tuesday, October 22, 2013

OPERATION BOOKMARK: A roaring success

Jarek Marsh-Prelesnik informs another student with a bookmark.

Caroline Hains handed out 100s.

Co-Pres Catherine Barnard, event organizer, with member Caroline Hains at the Tower entrance.

Catherine and Caroline distributed over 500 bookmarks in an hour.

Co-President Kelly O'Leary and organizer Marie Rogers made serious business an enjoyable task.

Only a few $10 union t-shirts remain.  Hurry and get yours.

Jackie Neil, WPE Rep, distributed bookmarks at the Flag entrance.

Even the Public Safety officers showed the love!

Which person hasn't had a pay increase in three years? Jean Snow knows.

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John Saillant ran through a pile of bookmarks.

Students now know, thanks to John Saillant's efforts, that part-time faculty are in the majority.

Kevin Wordelman replenishes Jackie Neil's and Karen Bennett's supply of bookmarks.

Karen Bennett stands in the shadow of the Flag entrance where hundreds received bookmarks from her.

KVCCFT PRIDE: Marie Rogers and Jean Snow, two of our greatest promoters, both were full-time faculty for over 35 years.

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