Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 29, 2012

Dear Member of the KVCC Federation Of Teachers (KVCC-FT):

We are proud to announce that we filed our union membership cards and a
representation petition with the Michigan Employment Relations
Commission (MERC) on Tuesday, March 27. We formally notified Dr.
Schlack by letter (atached) on Wednesday, March 28.

Within the next week or two, MERC will contact the KVCC-FT Organizing
Committee and the College’s administration to discuss the details and
date of the election that will certify the organization so that we may
begin negotiations on such issues as salary increases, job security,
health insurance, and clear policies governing evaluations, grievances
and absences. With an enthusiastic majority of KVCC part-time faculty
signed on, we are confident about the outcome of the election!

"The committee recognizes the need for open communication with the
administration and our full-time colleagues," said Dr. Catherine
Barnard, part-time Psychology instructor of 15 years, who was
instrumental in forming the committee which represents a number of
departments at KVCC.

Although we don’t know what the administration’s response will be to so
many signatures, we intend to maintain the same degree of
professionalism that we bring to the classroom. Indeed, we are intent
upon establishing an ethical working relationship with the
administration, not only for the best interests of those we represent,
but also for the benefit of our students and the College, itself.

It may be unlikely, but if administrators see fit to instigate an
anti-union campaign to inspire fear, we will hold our ground, for we
have tremendous strength in our numbers. Anti-union campaigns typically
consist of letters of "concern" from management that paint a union as an
outside third-party over which we have no control – rather than as a
democratic organization that allows us more control over our jobs and
our lives.

This is an exciting time for all of us, but we still have a lot of work
to accomplish. Between now and the election, we will be calling upon
you to show your support.


The KVCC-FT Organizing Committee:

Dr. Catherine Barnard
Nancy Beers
Ann Marie Boyle
Christopher Karbowski
Kyle Kelly
Laurie Nic
Edward O’Dowd
Kelly O’Leary
Dr. Nishani Samaraweera
Thomas Schurino
Jean Snow

729 Academy Street
Kalamazoo MI 49007