Sunday, October 21, 2012


Many of you have been wondering when negotiations will begin...we don't know. The KVCCFT bargaining team is ready and has sent two letters to the appropriate administrators and their legal counsel stating so.

In our second letter, sent on October 3rd, we requested additional information on part-time faculty policies, specifically, "excessive student complaints, the paid or unpaid (?) absentee policy, the use of IDEA in evaluation performance, protocol for scheduling, grievance policy, etc."  These policies cannot be found in the Part-time Faculty Handbook or Instructional Manual.  

The Board of Trustees must approve negotiations, and it met on October 9.  To-date we have not received a reply or any correspondence whatsoever. 

Your KVCCFT bargaining team is dedicated to keeping you informed.  We'll continue to post to this blog with any updates.  Please contact one of your officers or stewards if you have further questions.  

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