Sunday, February 17, 2013

In Response to the Detroit News Articles

At KVCC, part-time faculty's salary is cut if class enrollment falls below a certain number. This sends the message the college blames attrition on the part-time faculty when in reality, factors contributing to the attrition rates are many, including the ones listed in the article below.
Over half the KVCC student population is receiving aid and the college receives approximately $21 million for these students. Part-time faculty teach 60% or more of the classes these students register for, accounting for $1 million in part-time salaries per year.  Who is receiving the other $20 million?...those who have NO student contact and provide NO educational benefits to our students

Considering the majority of part-time faculty make less than  minimum wage per hour for the work they do, the majority of the grant monies mentioned by the Detroit News DOES NOT go toward the classroom education of these students.  

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