Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thank you!


While it is easy to thank the messenger for good news, it was the hard work of many people who made the contact hour change possible.  It's important to acknowledge those who had direct involvement in the resolution of the class scheduling which would have affected the salaries 82 p/t faculty members:

The 50 KVCCFT members and supporters* who stood in Marilyn Schlack's office to present the Unlawful Labor Practice Charge showed courage, demanded the law be acknowledged, and stood up for what is right and ethical.

The bargaining team (Kelly O'Leary, Kevin Wordelman, Jon Curtiss, David Dobbie, Jean Snow, Randy Pomeroy, Dave Paul, John Tucker, Meredith Timpson, Carol Weatherford) who have met hour after hour, without pay, making sure the wording for the agreement was in our best interest and wouldn't take "no" for an answer from the administration.

The organizing team* have planned the actions, such as the presentation of the "charge" to Marilyn Schlack and the Art Hop, in order to apply pressure to the college administration to negotiate fairly.

The concept developers* who designed our logo, bookmarks, and posters.  

Our colleagues* who placed phone calls to members inviting them to attend our activities.

Our colleagues* who passed out 1,200 bookmarks at the Art Hop and had meaningful conversations with the community about the plight of our part-time faculty.  

Lastly, a debt of gratitude is owed to our students, their friends, and their parents*.  These students have taken a stand for the part-time faculty by writing letters, passing out bookmarks, sharing our information with others, and using their free time to assist us in getting our message across.  They are passionate about what they believe in and it's impressive to see these young adults stand shoulder to shoulder with us as we tackle tough concerns.

This battle is won, but know that the war continues.  Salary, evaluations, etc. are up for negotiations next and we will need your assistance as we once again ask the college to make a serious commitment to us as we have to the college.  This last resolution gives proof that weare strongest together!  So when asked to participate in KVCCFT activities, help us make a difference, and please consider joining us.  Our strength is in numbers!

Catherine Barnard

* I did not ask permissions to use names.


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