Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Paycheck to Arrive Late--AGAIN

If you recall, the lack of a timely paycheck was one of three reasons we organized the KVCCFT. The new semester begins in less than nine hours, and just like that infamous September, 2011, part-time faculty will not be paid for one month, while everyone else--staff, counselors, librarians, full-time faculty--will receive their first paychecks on January 15th. During that month, we will teach 60% of the course offerings before we receive two-weeks pay.  You had better believe that the pay schedule will be the first subject discussed at the collective bargaining table on Friday. Tell us how the delayed paycheck affects you, and we will let the administration know.   We are compiling a list of hardships to present on Friday. How is the missed paycheck a hardship for you?  Email us at  

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