Friday, July 13, 2012

KVCCFT Leadership Team

The following are the stewards for the various departments on all Kalamazoo Valley Community College Campuses.  If you have questions, comments, or concerns please contact your assigned steward.

John Badham:  (Automotive, Construction, Drafting, Welding, Electrical, Heating/Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Machine Tool)

Catherine Barnard:  (Anna Whitten Hall)

Paula Chee:  (Business)

Peggy Ezell:  (Humanities)

Frank Gryzebyk:  (History: Political Science)

Tom Hamann:  (Center for New Media)

Christopher Karbowski: (Transitional Studies; English)

Jackie Neil:  (Wellness and Physical Education)

Kelly O'Leary: (Foreign Language)

Carol Roe:  (Dental Hygiene; Medical Assistant Technology; Respiratory Care; Health Careers; Nutrition)

Jean Snow:  (Psychology; Sociology; Law Enforcement)

John Tucker:  (CIS; Accounting)

Carol Weatherford:  (English; Communication)

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